Rucker-Stewart Middle School




Sumner County Middle School Basketball Tornment


Tournment Site: Joe Shafer Middle School

(240 Albert Galltin, Gallatin,TN 37066)


Rucker-Stewart Rams Boys’ Basketball

2017-18 Roster


#1 Will Doyle  8th

#2  K.J. Knight  7th  

#3 Eli Siltman  8th

#4  Clark Langley 

#5  A.J. Davis  7th


#11 Erin Philips  8th

#12 Ben Brentise 7th

#15 Mekhi Phillips 7th

#20 Caden Cardoza  8th

#22 Amarius Dunn 7th

#23 Daniel Phillips 8th

#24 Dawson Robinson 7th

#30 Calan Desposito 7th

#32 Jaiden Boykin 7th




Coaches                                  Managers                               Announcer

Christopher Williams (H)                                                       Jeff Helbig

Joshua Dodd                    


Bookkeeper                            Videographer




Rucker-Stewart Middle Basketball



Date:                           Opponent:              Home/Away:  Final Score

11/6/17                    Knox Doss                 Home

11/9/17                    Station Camp             Away

11/13/17                  Ellis                            Home        

11/16/17                  Hunter                        Away

11/20/17                  Shafer                        Away

11/27/17                 Portland East              Home

11/30/17                 Portland West             Away

12/04/17                 White House               Home

12/07/17                 Hawkins                      Away

12/11/17                 Knox Doss                  Home

12/14/17                 Station Camp             Home

12/18/17                 Shafer                         Home   

01/04/18                 Ellis                             Away 

01/08/18                 Hunter                         Home

Girl's games begins at 5:30 with Boy's game to follow

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